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HOFFRICHTER BluBuzz Sleep Position Trainer

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Sleep Position Trainer

is a good and very simple alternative to other aids that are intended to prevent supine position while sleeping (such as sleep vests) or to devices that are intended to avoid the special consequences of the supine position


  • Learning effect (body can „wean off“ the supine position)
  • Comfortable to wear, requires no adjustment time
  • Quietly, painless, non-invasive with no side effects
  • Stays in place all night
  • The partner also benefits from the reduction of sleep noises
  • Suitable for travel because it is light (20 gr), small (42x34x14 mm) and easy to carry
  • Suitable for every adult (≥ 18 years / 40 kg / 1.45 m)

Through regular use, the body develops a routine to get used to a correct sleeping position.


Ease of application, comfortable and efficient –
HOFFRICHTER BluBuzz can be worn in three different ways.

During the sleep, once the supine position is detected, BluBuzz will start vibrating with an increasing intensity.Positional feedback is initiated at a very low duration, and gradually increased until the user exits the supine position. At any given intensity level, the feedback is repeated 10 times with an interfeedback interval of 2 s. A total of 10 levels of feedback are delivered.

Intended Use:
HOFFRICHTER BluBuzz is a sleep position trainer that detects the supine position. It is intended to be worn during sleep in order to help avoiding snoring events. The BluBuzz gently vibrates to let the patient not lie on his/her back, while preserving the natural sleep.

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