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Respiratory Therapy & Ventilation

What is artificial ventilation?

With artificial ventilation, a patient who has temporarily or permanently lost respiratory system function can have their respiratory function partially or completely replaced by a ventilator.  Artificial ventilation can be invasive or non-invasive.

With invasive ventilation, ventilation is achieved through an endotracheal tube or a tracheal cannula. With non-invasive ventilation, the patient is ventilated using a special mask (nasal mask, full-face mask etc.).

Home ventilation means this life-preserving ventilation therapy being provided outside the hospital at home or in special care facilities. Such intensive medical care requires specialized care and nursing professionals, who are on call 24 hours a day as needed.

Ventilation with Orbisana Healthcare GmbH

Orbisana Healthcare care professionals provide advice on necessary medical technology and support patients, their relatives, and outpatient care providers in the use and handling of devices and accessories. Our specialists are reliable on-site partners for organizing further care for patients who require it after they leave the hospital. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers in the area of home ventilation, we are able to provide the technical medical devices and accessories necessary for any therapy.

We also provide assistance to our small and large customers in the areas of monitoring (e.g. cardio/respiratory monitoring, pulse oximetry) and oxygen therapy (e.g. oxygen concentrators, oxygen tanks).

We offer products in the following areas

  • Home ventilation devices and associated accessories
  • CPAP devices and accessories
  • Oxygen concentrators and oxygen tanks
  • Monitors and pulse oximeters

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