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SERVOX® HME Module comfort & HME Module+

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SERVOX® HME Module comfort


For a Clear and Strong Voice

Excellent Humidification and Filtration of the Breathing Air

The SERVOX® HME Modules have been developed specifically for the needs of laryngectomized patients with a shunt valve. It consists of a discreet plastic casing with an integrated closing mechanism. The foam filter inside the module ensures excellent moistening and filtering of the breathing air. In addition, the SERVOX® HME Module+ (HF) also offers a reduction in breathing resistance compared to other SERVOX® HME Modules.

Effective Moistening and Filtering of the Breathing Air

The SERVOX® HME Module comfort has a particularly large foam filter that effectively moistens and filters the inhaled air.

Comfortable Pressure Cap

By gently feeling for and pushing the pressure point, the spring fastener completely seals the opening of the SERVOX® HME Module so that the patient’s voice is strong and clear.

Long Service Life Thanks to the Reliable Closing Plate*

The SERVOX® HME Module closing plate is underneath the filter. It protects the foam from secretions and ensures long and continuous operation without loss of performance.

Reliable and Discreet Companion

The flat structure, subtle colour and side openings ensure that the SERVOX® HME Module can be worn securely and discreetly under clothing.

Can be Ideally Combined Thanks to the 22 mm Connection

The SERVOX® HME Module can be combined with all base plates and tracheal cannulas with a 22 mm connection and allows the patient an easy insertion and removal. The SERVOX® Baseplate and the SERVOX® Soft Tube 22 are ideal combination options.

Adapted Resistance | Improved Moistening of the Breathing Air

In addition to reducing breathing resistance (HF), SERVOX® HME Module+ also offers an optimization of breathing air moistening (RF), thus representing the perfect complementation for daily use.

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