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SERVOX® digital XL

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SERVOX® digital XL

Are you ready to speak?

XL Performance – XL Flexibility – XL Quality

The SERVOX® digital XL speech aid is a high-quality new edition of the well-known SERVOX® digital. With its modern power management the battery performance has been significantly increased, extending speaking time by more than 50%* compaired to the previous model. SERVOX® digital XL provides up-to-date vocal rehabilitation for laryngectomized and tracheotomized patients.

Optimization of the Battery Performance

The new power management of the SERVOX® digital XL includes rechargeable batteries, which leads to the 50%*- increase in battery life compared to the previous model. The standard AAA-batteries create new form of freedom and flexibility.

Smart Charging Management

The new high-end charger of SERVOX® digital XL is easy to handle and has an integrated USB connection port to charge external devices simultaneously with the batteries.

Easy Travelling in Focus

The travel adapter included in the set of SERVOX® digital XL guarantees easy and fast recharging of the SERVOX® digital XL in nearly every country in the world. The high quality materials and easy operation make it a reliable companion during your travels.

Individuality with Sound Frequency and Quality

The SERVOX® digital XL speech aid offers the possibility to adjust and save a variety of individual settings. A more advanced fine-tuning of the sound parameters can be done with the help of our software (optionally available on request only), designed specifically for this purpose.

Variability of the Sound Nuances

The two screw caps of SERVOX® digital XL offer additional customization of the sound nuances. With the "Hard-Tone" and "Soft-Tone" screw cap you will find the right tone.

Variety in Application

A selection of mouth tube adapters gives an opportunity to use the SERVOX® digital XL speech aid immediately after a surgery or during a radiation therapy.

Mobile Companion

The SERVOX® digital belt pouch rounds off the SERVOX® digital XL set. It provides additional protec-tion and is an ideal companion in everyday life. The integrated compartment can hold a second set of batteries as well as the additional battery holder as a backup.

XL Performance

Thanks to its modern and smart power management, the SERVOX® digital XL speech aid offers significantly extended battery performance.

XL Flexibility

SERVOX® digital XL provides more freedom and flexibility due to already included rechargeable batteries, a universal travel adapter and a high-quality belt pouch.

XL Quality

The SERVOX® digital XL speech aid combines technologies proven since 1958 with the state-of-the-art components and first-class raw materials.

Here you can find the User Manual.

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