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What is a tracheotomy?

A tracheotomy (windpipe incision) is a surgical procedure in which an opening is made in the trachea through the neck. This opening is called a tracheostoma. The main reason for a tracheotomy is usually the long-term ventilation of the patient, which is necessary due to some underlying medical condition. Larynx operations and neurological disturbances of the swallowing reflex are also reasons for a tracheotomy. A tracheotomy is a reversible procedure in which vocal abilities are retained.

Function of a tracheostoma

The patient is ventilated via the tracheostoma. To ensure permanent access through the tracheostoma, various tracheal cannulae are used. In addition, filter and humidification systems (so-called artificial noses) can partially replace the natural function of the nasopharyngeal space.

Ventilation with Orbisana Healthcare GmbH

There are a wide range of medical technologies and accessories available for optimal care of patients with a tracheotomy or laryngectomy. Orbisana Healthcare care professions can rely on many years of successful experience, especially in the care, support and training of patients with a tracheotomy or laryngectomy. They offer consultation in close cooperation with the responsible physician and are on hand to assist the patient in the focused selection of individual aids.

We offer products in the following areas

  • Tracheal cannulae
  • Speaking valves
  • Artificial noses
  • Cannula straps
  • Tracheal compresses

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